Here is your chance to win a brand new iPad!!  If you complete this 10 minute survey, you will automatically be entered into the draw for an iPad.  All of your responses are completely confidential and this survey fully complies with the Data Protection Act.

The Survey

Throughout this survey you will be asked to compare the 4 different types of media pictured below (live video, 3D video, text and 2D video), in the context of sitting an assessment as part of a job application.

In each case you will be presented with examples which you will need to review.  These will require you to either play the video or read the description, then in some cases (but not all), you will be required to answer a survey question.  On the next page, you will be asked a few basic demographic questions before moving onto the main survey.

As part of this survey, you will be asked to provide a limited amount of information about you, your academic and work history. This information, together with the survey responses, will be used by CEB and its group companies as part of a research study. You do not need to provide CEB with any personal information, except that your name and email address are required in order to be entered into the prize draw. This personal information will not be used for any other purpose, and will be deleted after the prize draw.  Only one entry per person is permitted.

To complete this survey:

You will ideally need a laptop or workstation (as you may encounter issues with a tablet or mobile device)
The laptop or workstation will need to be able to play sound and the sound must be turned on
It might be advantageous to have a pen and paper to hand, should you like to make a note of any initial views whilst reviewing the various media

Once you have read all of the text above, please click the "Next" button below to continue.

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